Thursday 6 December 2012

Hello, good evening and welcome

6 December 2012

I did start a blog many moons ago. But a combination of work life, home life and inertia meant that after my introductory post it all fell by the wayside.

I was going to resurrect it, from the ashes, like a born-again pheonix, but couldn't find it. So a bit of a damp squib, after all that. Or a wet lettuce, depending on your preference.

Shame, as it did get a couple of likes and a comment. And they weren't all from me.

Likely future topics:
1. Work stuff. For my sins, I am an in HR.
2. Footy stuff. For my sins, I follow the only team in Fulham. That will be Fulham then.
3 Other stuff. For my sins, erm, whatever.

Ciao for now.